The Listener

The Listener at Portland Winter Lights Festival 2020

We’re pleased to share that The Listener will be showing at Portland Winter Lights Festival from February 6th-8th, from 6pm to 11pm!

Portland Winter Lights Festival (PDXWLF) is a free annual event that brings art and technology together in Portland, Oregon during the winter.

The Listener will be prominently featured on the East Side right by OMSI right next to the Food Tent and Food Carts.

If you’re unfamiliar with our art, here’s a quick description:

The Listener is a large interactive game based on the 1980s favorite “Simon.” Participants work together to repeat sound and light sequences using buttons on pedestals.

The game has four levels, each with their own set of musical ”rewards”. Play through to the final level to hear the grand prize reward sound.

Skylark Collective is a Portland-based cooperative providing joy through interactive art to participants of Burning Man and commissioned spaces across the United States.

Our subject matter is playful interaction and we create it using thoughtful technical design. We seek to go beyond the expected and offer surprise elements in our work.

Portland Winter Lights Festival page, “The Listener”

This event will also feature a dazzling array of other art and some new items including a Silent Disco.

We’re excited to be participating in PDXWLF 2020 and look forward to showing the art for all Portlanders to enjoy!

One of the artists from Skylark Collective will be with the art the entire time, so please come by and say hello!

If you want to stay in touch with Skylark Collective, be sure to check out our links to our Instagram, email list and more!

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